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Light on Concrete Wall


Initially raised as a small town, Oklahoma girl, the scent of backdoor wheat fields and the simplicity of quaint, town squares, built the foundation of my southern/midwest U.S. roots. After relocating to a somewhat more urban area, I learned the priceless lesson of reinvention.

I have been in music education since 1995. I teach. I sing. I write. I play.

I have had the pleasure of recording at Abbey Road Studios/London, England and spending time in studio in Austin, Tx. and Wimberley, Tx. 

I have traveled across the United States and continue to explore all of the wonderful places the U.S. has to offer.  In addition to England, I have traveled throughout the Italian/Tuscan countryside. 

I am artistic. I paint. I draw. I photograph. 

I am just beginning to share my art with the world; however, my rock photography can be found in airports and casinos throughout Oklahoma.

I create with my wardrobe. I create with my hair. I create with my food.

(That's what creatives do, right? *big grin*)

I am the wife of the most amazing man in the world.

We travel. We adventure. We cook. We love... and most importantly, we laugh.

I am the mother of three, incredibly brilliant, grown, intelligent adults... ever! They are the light of my life!

I am the stepmother of two, wonderful, smart, and talented young adults, currently attending University. They are fantastic!

And most of all, I am "Gigi" to two of the CUTEST grandchildren you could imagine! They have changed my life, forever!

Why am I here?


I MUST make a lasting impression!

I want to leave a legacy behind; a legacy for my children and my grandchildren.

I crave to create, but most of all, I ache to share my creations. 

If I can make you smile, whether by sharing a recipe that brings you joy, or providing a piece of art, possibly a song, that evokes emotion... then I have succeeded in impacting a life.

Join me on this journey! 

You ARE here for a reason. 

Let's do this together!


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